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Immigration & Naturalization

Immigration & Naturalization

Immigration is defined as the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country, whereas naturalization is the granting of citizenship to a foreign-born person under statutory authority. Both immigration and naturalization can prove to be challenging for those uninformed about the legal process. Igunbor & Igunbor can help.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal charges differ from civil charges in that criminal charges are brought and prosecuted on behalf of the state, whereas civil charges are typically between two parties. Civil offenses can be simple administrative matters while criminal crimes are violations of state or federal law and can carry heavy penalties.

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Personal Injury

Legally speaking, personal injury includes injuries to a person’s emotions or body. Personal injury law exists to protect you from injury or harm because of someone else’s actions. Successful personal injury lawsuits prove that the defendant is liable for the damages sustained as a result of their actions or inactions. Once liability is proven, the legal system awards compensation.

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Appellate Law

Appellate law refers to the process of bringing cases through the lengthy appeals court system in the United States. Essentially, if you have an unfavorable ruling against you in a case, you have the option to appeal the case to a higher court.

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Family Law

Family Law & Divorce

Family law is defined broadly in the United States to cover such topics as marriage, adoption, paternity, and divorce, among other areas relevant to the family structure. Moreover, family law is one of the tricky aspects of legal jurisprudence for the very real ramifications can have on families.

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Real Estate Closings

At first, a real estate closing may seem straightforward; you show up at closing, pay required fees, and walk away with a new piece of property. Easy right? Well it is not quite that simple for much time is required to make sure each real estate closing runs smoothly and at Igunbor & Igunbor, we have legal expertise to assist in such matters.

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Igunbor & Igunbor Law Firm, PLLC

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Igunbor & Igunbor was founded with the goal of guiding people through the legal process. We approach each interaction with the understanding that people are looking for solutions to the legal challenges that they face. For us, having the privilege to represent people in their time of need is an honor that we take to heart and we appreciate the people who have entrusted us to represent them in such difficult times. Do not suffer in silence and know that in such difficult times, you, or someone you know, need not have to go through such times alone. In all, Igunbor & Igunbor is dedicated to providing guidance each step of the way.

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Our Team


  • Osa Igunbor, Esq.

    Born in Benin City, Nigeria, Osa Igunbor immigrated to the United States following the acquisition of his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Benin. Once in the United States, Mr. Igunbor went to attend Thrugood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas, in which he earned his Juris Doctorate and subsequently passed the New York State Bar Exam. 

    Having first-hand experience of immigrating to the United States, Mr. Igunbor understands how difficult it can be for one to leave their home country with the goal of building a new life here in the United States. As an attorney, Mr. Igunbor strives to use his legal expertise to help those with immigration matters and in addition, also focuses his practice on criminal defense, family/divorce law, and real estate closings.

    Bar Admission

    • New York


    • J.D., Thurgood Marshall School of Law
    • B.A., University of Benin
  • Elton Igunbor, Esq.

    Elton Igunbor was born in New York City, New York. He attended the University at Albany, in Albany, New York, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Communications, and graduated with honors. 

    Afterwards, Mr. Igunbor attended Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas, where he earned his Juris Doctorate and graduated magna cum laude. 

    As a law student, Mr. Igunbor worked for Thurgood Marshall School of Law’s Academic Support, served as President for the African Law Students Association, and provided legal representation for indigent clients in the Thurgood Marshall School of Law Criminal Law Clinic as a student attorney. 

    Mr. Igunbor focuses in the areas of criminal defense law, personal injury law, immigration & naturalization law, and appellate law. 

    Bar Admission

    • New York
    • Texas


    • J.D., Thurgood Marshall School of Law
    • B.A., University at Albany